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Girlfriend Getaways at Pennington Place in Walsenburg

Girlfriend Getaways

Girlfriend Getaways at Pennington Place

A popular event, the getaways can be as creative as your group desires. Theme parties (examples below) can be a hoot with a little advanced planning. The getaway packages are priced all inclusive and require all four guest rooms being booked. Some theme parties that have taken place here at Pennington Place:

Asian Theme:

The girls checked in at 4 pm and moved promptly into Happy Hour at 4:30 with mimosas, wine and hors devours served in the great room, while they made origami crafts for the dinner table. The ladies then went to their rooms and returned in costume, kimona, wigs, makeup, etc. Dinner was a sit down, 6 course "event", plum wine and sake included. The evening ended with the longtime friends all in their pj's in front of the fire place, with a decadent dessert in hand.

Spring Fling:

Check-in and Happy Hour at 4 pm., a necessary primer for the outside events that followed: kite flying, bubble blowing, and badminton. Dinner was served outside and the evening finished with dessert and conversation around the firepit.

Girlfriend Getaways at Pennington Place in Walsenburg located in Walsenburg

More fun nights:

Girlfriend Getaways at Pennington Place in Walsenburg located in Walsenburg

Wrapping Party:

The guests each brought only really special Christmas presents to wrap and decorate. They set up in the great room with cocktails, paper, glue gun, ribbons and decorations. Donna owned and operated a Christmas Store for a number of years so gift packages are a work of art at Pennington Place. The house is elegantly decorated for Christmas, making this a perfect party to get you in the holiday spirit. The ladies that had this party...chose an elegant candlelight dinner, they dressed in long velvet skirts, dinner gowns, tierras, all obtained from the thrift store. It was beautiful. This night finished off with all of them in their pajamas by the tree for their gift exchange.

Hispanic Theme:

These ladies chose happy hour margaritas and taco bar with all the trimmings for dinner. They wore bright skirts, blouses, jewelry and flowers in their hair. They brought big sombreros, tambourines, curacas and had a hoot with the karaoke machine. They chose the ice cream bar as their dessert.

Movie Night:

Choose a movie...have it on the big screen in the background and follow that theme for the evening, for instance "Grease".

Coloring Night:

Another popular event is "coloring night" . A table is set up in the great room and everyone brings their glitter pens, pencils, and books. It is the perfect night for just visiting with your friends. One similar is "beading night". One group of ladies made "tree earrings" for Christmas presents.

Whether you want to make it a "party" or just a getaway, you'll find the atmosphere private and inviting. The all inclusive package includes all accommodations, dinner, use of the house and grounds, and Donna's expertise in planning your "getaway". It is a perfectly divine and memorable experience, one that you will want to soon repeat and one that you'll talk about for years.

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Girlfriend Getaways at Pennington Place in Walsenburg located in Walsenburg