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Murder Mysteries at Pennington Place

What exactly is a Murder Mystery?

Murder Mystery Parties are different with each Host. At Pennington Place, you and your party are the actors, very similar to a school play but with no lines to memorize. Each guest has a script with suggested lines (improvisation is encouraged) clues, personal information about the other "suspects", etc. The scripts are distributed at the beginning of the party, no one can look or read ahead, so no one knows who the murderer is, not even the guilty one, until later in the evening. Unexpected twists, intriguing alibis, circumstantial evidence, lies and deceit, all make for a challenging mystery to solve.

When your murder mystery party is booked, the designated organizer will receive a package with invitations, list of characters and costume recommendations, story plot, dinner menu and all other pertinent information, which he/she will then distribute to the other guests. Each participant is responsible for their own costume, (the more bold and creative, the more fun), crazy costumes create a fun atmosphere for the night's events.

Murder Mysteries at Pennington Place in Walsenburg located in Walsenburg
Murder Mysteries at Pennington Place in Walsenburg located in Walsenburg


  • 2:00 p.m. Check-In
  • 4:00 p.m. Guests gather for greetings, and orientation with hosts.
  • 5:00 p.m. Everyone meets in Great Room, in costume, for "kick off" with complimentary champagne and Hors 'd Oeuvres. We are set up for wine and cocktails but do not provide, feel free to bring your own. This is a good time for group pictures.
  • 6ish. Mystery drama starts in underground wine cellar/adjoined tasting room. The evening progresses with guests mingling throughout the house and grounds as they question each other while sorting clues and forming their own conclusions to the mystery. A sit down candlelight dinner is served at an appropriate time. After all participants are given equal opportunity to state their case, the evening concludes with a decadent dessert buffet, with the final reading of the "truth" and who the guilty one is.

Themes: Roaring 20's, Westerns, 50's sockhop. Archaeology dig, and more.

For availability and more information please use our Contact Form or call Donna at (719) 738 2055